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Electronic Product Design

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Guy Marsden Electronic Product Designer


 Hi, my name is Guy Marsden. I specialize in electronic product design for individual inventors and small companies. If you have been holding on to that “great idea”, now is the time to make it real!  Call me to discuss your idea for free for up to 15 minutes between 9:00am and 8:00pm Eastern US time.  If I take on your project, we may need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your intellectual property.

I am an independent electronic product designer and this allows me to give you my undivided attention. If you call or email with a question I respond promptly. I’m here to make the process transparent and easy to understand.

I complete most prototypes in a few weeks. To keep you in the loop I send detailed progress reports that include images and video as the work proceeds.  While I just do electronics, I can refer you to colleagues for 3D design.  If you plan to manufacture your product yourself, I’ll be there to hand-hold you through the manufacturing process.  I can prepare a detailed bid package for you to send out to assembly houses.

I like working collaboratively with my clients and finding elegant solutions to their needs.  There may be a number of improvements I can make to your design to make it affordable or simpler.  There is an engineering mantra known as the KISS Principle: “Keep It Simple Stupid”.  That is what I strive for. A good product should be simple to use!

Over the last 40 years I have engineered consumer products and appliances, medical inventions, toys, industrial controls and safety equipment, nautical instruments, research equipment, sports and hunting inventions, advertising promotional items, and much more. In the Product Portfolio section you will see many products I designed that are on the market.  I have several products of my own that are moderately successful.

I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Guy Marsden

“(The prototype) is cosmetically beyond my dreams. When we go to manufacture it, we will not change a thing. Just tell them to build it like it is. Prototypes never look like this. Excellent job.”

IRC Surplus, Texas