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How I Work

Here is an overview of how an ELECTRONIC PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT proceeds:

1. You sign a Non Disclosure Form with me – or you have already filed a patent, or have a patent granted.

2. You call me and describe the details of your idea so I can ascertain if it falls within my skill set. At this point, I may offer a number of suggestions based on the realities of engineering.

3. You email me the detailed specifications including any drawings or diagrams (napkin sketches are fine). This email becomes the de-facto contract that defines your expectations.

4. I provide you with an estimate to complete a first working prototype. Note! I can NOT provide any estimate without full and complete details – every job is different. Also my estimates are not fixed bids and the final amount may be more or less than the estimate depending on how the job goes. I will keep you advised of any significant issues that may affect costs.

5. If you approve the estimate, I send you an invoice for 50% of the estimated amount by PayPal – allowing you to pay with debit or credit.

6. I begin work on receipt of your payment and provide detailed progress reports as the work proceeds.
I begin by designing a schematic that represents how all the components will interconnect. 

Then I design a circuit board using CAD that will be sent out to a fabricator. 

When it comes back, I solder the components to is and test it to make sure it works.

Almost every product I design incorporates a microcontroller – a tiny computer that I write firmware for that defines how it works.  At this point I write the code test how everything works.

Throughout the process I send updates by email that include schematics, CAD files, images and video. Most jobs take me 2 to 5 weeks. Click here to see a blog post describing how I design a product from start to finish.

7. I document the final project for you and demonstrate it via images, video or Skype and request the final payment prior to shipping the prototype to you.

At this point you will have a proof of concept prototype that may or may not be manufacturable depending on your goals and budget limitations. You may then hire me to do a final production design revision and prepare a bill of materials and production CAD files necessary to get bids for manufacturing. This process can take months to years as the prototypes are tested in the real world and we learn how they perform and modify or improve them as needed. I can also provide contract manufacturing services for small run.

Be advised that I can NOT design smart phones or other highly complex miniature electronic products with graphic screens or keyboards. These products require the full resources of a major corporation to develop and cost millions of dollars and many months of work by an engineering team to design. I also don’t develop products that interface with smart phones by WiFi or USB.