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“I cannot stress enough the gratitude I have for your attention to detail, professionalism and devotion to this project. The workmanship is truly second to none and I look forward to developing this product through to production.”
Ben Mulloy

Private Inventor

“I really am pleased with our dialogue, you seem to understand what I am talking about when I write or ask a question (although maybe I am not sure myself), and you are patient in explaining it to me.”
Stephen Dawson

Inventor, Washington

“I am very impressed about the final product prototype. It look more better and beyond my expectation. I saw your fine touch and hard work which make me more attached to continue dealing with you.”
Abdullah alRasheed

Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Saudi Arabia

“Both Lauren and I want to commend you on the quality of the work that you put into the prototype. We were impressed with the appearance as well as the ease by which we could utilize the various aspects inherent in the prototype. In addition, we appreciate the effort that you put forth to complete the prototype as quickly as you were able to.”
Gayle Stroh and Lauren Rosen

Astro-2000 Inc., Michigan

“I think you’ve done an excellent job in understanding the project and in bringing it to life. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you – it is soooooo refreshing to do business with an honest person.”
Diane R.

Inventor, Ohio

“The mechanism you built is really excellent and I must send you my congratulations for having grasped the whole idea so lightningly fast, and for putting it together with such expertise.”
Gerard Sunnen

M.D. President, Ozonics International, LLC, New York

“(The prototype) is cosmetically beyond my dreams. When we go to manufacture it, we will not change a thing. Just tell them to build it like it is. Prototypes never look like this. Excellent job.”
John Fantuzzo

IRC Surplus, Texas

“I am a physicist who had a dangerous, and ugly working prototype that I wanted to step up to the next level. I contacted Guy because I liked the philosophy he presented on his website and could not have been happier with my decision. My project involved something that Guy had little experience with, but Guy immediately immersed himself in my project and quickly became an expert. He is an excellent communicator and we had many discussions about what our goals were, and what the best way to achieve those goals would be. He sent progress reports with images and videos and was very transparent with his billing transactions. I love the product he created for me and will contact him in the future for all of my prototyping needs. Two thumbs up.”
Scott H.

PhD Candidate, Yale University

“Thank you so much for the excellent job you did with our prototype. Your design exceeded our expectations. I was most personally impressed by:

  • The way that you were able to take our rough concept, improve it and convert it into a fully functional prototype.
  • Your ability to meet a very tight deadline, without having to compromise on quality.
  • Your frequent progress reports, drawings and photographs.

We really appreciated your flexibility in accommodating our out of hours telephone conference calls and Skype discussions. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”

Dr. Mark E. Milburn

Gen. manager, Implemented Solutions, LLC, Las Vegas

“I had an idea a couple of months ago for an invention I thought might be worth pursuing. I had the idea, but that was about it. I was otherwise clueless as to how the process of going from napkin sketch to prototype actually worked, or what was involved in design and production. Following many internet searches, I found Guy Marsden’s website, and I decided not to give up – here was a human (not a faceless corporation) who could help me with the process! From the initial conversations on, Guy was generous with his in-depth knowledge of the prototyping process, and (thankfully) was willing to work with me, a complete novice. He answered my questions honestly, pointed me in the right direction for more information, had some great recommendations for next steps and collaborators for design work in short, I could not have asked for a better mentor through the process of prototyping my invention. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Guy on this project, and will look forward to reaching out to him for future ideas. He is an extraordinarily talented artist, creator, and problem-solver who was able to make my abstract idea into a reality, and a working prototype that I am incredibly happy with.”
Marguerite Swallow

Private Inventor